Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One Little Candle

I know, I know...I'm late. I'm very late. I'm just barely getting this out in October, and it's almost November. In fact, it's almost All Saints Day...which I suppose makes this perfect timing.

They say that it's better to light just one little candle...but what about 20? And suppose you light them in a shopping mall? Well that's what our friend Dan Thompson does when he learns that the father of a friend of his is dying. And no, he's not doing this at the local Yankee Candle Store either.

What he had intended to be a quiet trip by himself turns into a teachable moment for his eight-year-old daughter Caitlyn when she decides to tag along...because she loves going to the mall.

And how much will it cost you to read this story? Less than what you'd pay for just one little candle.

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